We have made several optimizations on the suggestions function. If anything is not displayed correctly please delete your browser cache, and try again.

2024/01/11 - 2024/01/17
MP3Juices is now also available in French, Italian, Spanish!

We have made several optimizations on our video downloader. The „Lookup” function should work faster. If you get any error messages or something does not work as it is supposed to, please delete your browser cache, and reload the page.

Today we have optimized our search function. From now on the search will only display YouTube results. Should you still like to get also Soundcloud results just click on the button „Repeat search with Soundcloud results” that you will find below the YouTube results. This change was made to improve the speed of the search function.

Today we have added our Bookmarklet that allows you to convert and download YouTube videos even easier than before.

Today we have updated the search and conversion functions to improve the usability and speed of the website.

Today we have released the Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera Browser Add-on.

Our Website is online. At the moment we are supporting the sources YouTube and Soundcloud for search results, and direct conversion for YouTube videos. Should you get an error or something is not working fine as it is supposed to, please send us a contact request using our contact form. Thank you for your help!